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On-site battery and charger repair

Go for our 24/7 speedy field solutions so that we can mend your battery and Chargers straight away in your plant hence saving you from hindrances of increased downtime and we also assure that the battery eradication and installation is done securely.

Always keep in mind that even small repairs can become disastrous if overlooked.

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Preventive maintenance of industrial batteries and chargers

Go for our scheduled services to Properly water your forklift battery and prevent corrosion from damaging your battery which may result in a high performing fleet.

The battery charger is the most commonly neglected equipment, we provide highly skilled technicians because the charger is a high-voltage device.

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ReConditioning of forklift industrial batteries

Go for our cleaning services to prevent corrosion on terminals, Calcium accumulation and block faster self-emission that might harm your battery and forklift. We provide an equalisation charge for the balanced voltage of each cell while allowing ample cooldown time.

Save money in the long run with our battery reconditioning methods

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Installing auto-fill watering systems on batteries

Installing our faster and reliable watering system can save money by promptly tearing down on maintenance time resulting in enlarged service life and performance of batteries for your fleet.

Battery maintenance is effortless with our faster, secured and trustworthy services created for your industrial battery watering requirements.

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Installing water level indicator sensor on batteries

Avoid needless battery watering and level monitoring with our bright and effective electrolyte level indication which comes with a stronger design and a brighter LED light hence keeping your batteries in mint condition and preventing costly damage to batteries due to low electrolyte levels.

Time is saved when you don't check batteries that don't require watering. This system safeguards you against battery dry out, a great deterioration for industrial batteries.

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Disposal of scrap batteries

Toxic substances are often found in industrial batteries, which if spilled can cause severe harm to humans and objects nearby, so don’t risk others and the environment around you.

Scrap batteries are bulky and high-risk waste making them expensive and burdensome to transport, we offer a supervised and appropriate way to dispose of used batteries.

Go for our enhanced battery treatment procedures which are secured, sustainable, and well planned.

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Maintenance of stationary standby power batteries

We are the best in the industry for providing Service and training to analyse, mend, conserve and safeguard your demanding power applications.

We carry out tests and provide thorough reports on measuring internal resistance, resistance on battery terminals and specific gravity.

Our services offer absolute predictive maintenance and testing programmes, hence controlling the circumstances that cause battery failure like infinite cycling,

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Installation of monitoring systems on UPS batteries

The most evident safeguard against downtime is keeping all pieces of machinery functioning during a blackout.

Battery monitoring is used to essentially provide testing continually delivering users with an enhanced understanding of battery life cycles.

Our system energetically monitors for voltage inconsistencies, decreasing volumes, old age, and temperature concerns.

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