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3 Phase chargers 600 volt chargers

This smart charger of high amp output is appropriate for forklift and other industrial machinery. The microprocessor takes care of internal charge synchronization for a complete charge hence removing manual timers.

These chargers are created to resist uninterrupted industry operations silently and effectively and come with a linear transformer and microprocessor control to give you years of hassle-free service.

3 phase forklift battery charger in Mississauga and Brampton

Our chargers are lenient on the battery and escalate battery life because of its modern current regulation charging quality.

Our chargers offer features like

Auto cut off when a battery is completely charged

LCD display for viewing charging voltage, charging current, charge time

No Overcharging or undercharging

Feel free to call us regarding a faulty charger because we also deal in forklift battery charger repair and stationary battery maintenance.