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Skyjack Batteries

Prolong your time and money by getting into our undemanding, never-failing and high-calibre products.

Corrosion can mutilate your whole aerial lift mechanism, our supervision keeps it far away from your batteries, resultantly benefiting you with an outstanding return on investment over time.

Has the time come to replace your aerial and scissor lift batteries?

The usual lifespan of your scissor lift battery in Toronto is between 2 to 3 years but with our efficient services provided by our skilled technicians our clients have reported that their scissor lift batteries in Toronto are still working properly even after five years of use.

Invest in our standard quality products to save time and money because a low-quality scissor lift battery might need a replacement again and again but with our products in Toronto by industry-leading manufacturers gives you complete peace of mind because you don't have to replace them again and again and our batteries are maintenance-free with lesser watering cycles so the product itself speaks for its quality and longevity.

Routine maintenance is so important

It’s really important to maintain your batteries in Toronto for avoiding expensive issues.

Corrosion is the biggest enemy of your scissor lift battery because if your battery corrodes The lead-acid can damage your entire aerial lift system.

So to keep your airlift batteries in mint condition you need to hire our excellent services and maintenance done by skilled technicians.

We water your batteries properly according to the manufacturer instructions Ensuring that your batteries serve you for a long time and they also need to be charged properly Hence avoiding situations like corrosion will definitely shorten your battery life and might give you an unexpected expense.

Yes replacing a forklift battery is expensive

We know that replacing a forklift battery is expensive but you might end up spending much more on a weak or faulty battery that Might damage your entire airlift hence the expenses of repairing your airlifts are going to be much more than investing in a quality battery in Toronto that will serve you for years with proper maintenance.

We offer high-quality service and products whenever required hence giving our customers value for money.

You get the benefit of our years of experience and technical know-how hence we give you excellent products for your airlift in Toronto

Starting with the high-grade battery and cell design to the brilliant, built-in diagnostics, our batteries for scissor lift are brimming with benefits that can't be seen in battling products.

Our Stationary battery maintenance includes timely charging, cleaning and firm watering that is the case providing ongoing performance and heightened durability.